Beverage Containers

California Redemption Value (CRV) is 5 cents for containers less than 24 oz. and 10 cents for containers larger than 24 oz. You can bring up to 50 aluminum, 50 glass, 50 plastic, and 50 bi-metal CRV containers and request to be paid by count. Inform the site attendant of your load content and how you would like to receive payment before you hand over your load. Any consumer who has been denied this right by a recycling center can file a complaint via email or call 1-800-RECYCLE.

The only place in Truckee where you can currently redeem your CRV beverage containers for cash is the Eastern Regional Landfill.

You can find other locations outside of Truckee at


Check If Eligible for CRV

Check the label to see if a container is eligible for CRV (California Redemption Value): it will say “CA Redemption Value,” “California Cash Refund,” “CA CRV” or “CA Cash Refund.” Aluminum cans are labeled on the top of the can, and plastic or glass containers are labeled on the side.

Rinse Out Before Recycling

Empty and rinse out beverage containers before redeeming them for cash. Moisture and dirt contaminate the recycling. The attendant may reject a pile if it is excessively contaminated.

What's Eligible for CRV

The following items are eligible for CRV: beer and malt beverages, wine coolers and distilled spirit coolers, carbonated drinks (fruit, water or soft), non-carbonated drinks (fruit, water, soft), coffee and tea beverages, 100 percent fruit juice less than 46 ounces, vegetable juice 16 ounces or less and sports drinks.

What's Not Eligible for CRV

The following items are not eligible for CRV: milk, medical food, wine, spirits, 100 percent fruit juice more than 46 ounces, vegetable juice more than 16 ounces and food & non-beverage containers.

Did You Know?

CRV Is a Success

In 2013, Californians recycled 18.2 billion of the 21 billion CRV beverage containers they purchased that year. Recycling beverage containers conserves energy and natural resources.