For small amounts of green waste, residents can purchase approved green bags (4 ml thick) from area retailers. Set out no more than 4 bags for weekly collection.  Bags must be tied and weigh no more than 40 pounds each for collection to occur. Bags that are overweight, untied or stacked in a pile will be left at the curb. Bags are collected year round. Please make sure green bags are easily accessible by trash collection personnel.

The green bag program is permitted for maintenance only and only for very small quantities. This program is not designed for large clean ups. Do not leave more than 4 bags out at the curb and do not have any bags left prior to the day of collection. It is a fire hazard to have large piles of green bags in front of your home, and very unsightly. You can prevent future enforcement and avoid potential fines by putting out only 4 bags per week on collection day.

For larger cleanups, please see the information on Defensible Space and Large Clean-ups.