Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Event

Residential Drop-Off
With an appointment, residential customers of TTSD can self-haul their Household Hazardous Waste to the HHW processing facility located at the Eastern Regional Landfill. All customers must call (530) 583-7800 to make an appointment to participate in the hazardous waste event so that personnel can be assigned to meet customer demand safely and quickly. The program is free to qualifying residents with the following restrictions:
• Customers are restricted to 15 gallons or 125 pounds per visit
• Containers must be securely sealed
• Use boxes or crates to secure wastes during transport
• Never combine wastes
• Always leave labels for identification

Accepted Items (include but not limited to):
• Paint
• Auto Fluids
• Oil Filters
• Medications
• Pesticides
• Cleaners
• Polishes
• Bleach
• Pool and Spa chemicals
• Syringes in rigid plastic containers
• Most products labeled Danger, Caution, etc.

Items Not Accepted Include:
• Explosives/ammunition
• Asbestos
• Radioactive materials
• Gas cylinders
• Biohazards