Plastic Furniture

Put in Garbage

Bulky Item Collection:
Each Truckee resident can schedule up to two bulky item curbside collections for FREE each year. (Please note that multi-family residents receive one bulky item pick-up for free per year.) Each pickup includes up to one bulky item (couch, mattress, etc.) AND up to 3-cubic yards of recyclables, electronic waste, and universal waste. Additional pickups are available for a fee. Individual items cannot exceed 200 lbs.

Call TTSD at (530) 583-7800 to schedule your pickup.


Remove Non-Plastic Pieces

If your plastic furniture contains metal screws or some other kind of non-plastic part, you’ll need to break it down and separate those pieces before you can recycle it.

Ways to Reduce


Avoid Mixed-Material Furniture

You can reduce the impact of plastic furniture on the environment by looking for pieces that are made of recycled materials, as well as ones which aren’t made of mixed materials. Look for furniture that’s made entirely of plastic, or that can be separated easily.

Purchase Furniture That Will Last

It’ll be better for the environment (and your wallet) if you buy plastic furniture that’s of good quality and won’t break easily or have to be thrown out shortly after you’ve bought it. You could also opt for metal or wooden furniture. Here’s a list of things to look for if you’re buying.

Did You Know?

The Environmental Benefits of Plastic Furniture

Plastic has gotten a bad rap for a lot of good reasons, but plastic furniture doesn’t come in last on the eco-friendly furniture list. Not only can plastic furniture last for a very long time, but when it’s made from recycled materials, it uses fewer resources and supports the market for upcycled materials.