Shredded Paper

Put in Recycling

Residents may also drop off large quantities of paper for free recycling at the Eastern Regional Landfill.

If you are a business or need large quantities of paper shredded, please contact:  

Shred It Reno
(775) 853-1212


Pack Into a Paper Bag

Shredded paper can slip through the paper separator if it is recycled, so pack it into a paper bag and staple shut.


OK to Compost

Shredded paper is compostable as long as it’s not colored or glossy. Mix two-parts paper with one-part grass in your home compost pile.

Ways to Reduce


Shred Selectively

It’s not always necessary to shred a document entirely. You really only need to shred the parts that contain private information. If protected info is removed and shredded, the rest of the document can be recycled.

Did You Know?

Why Shredded Paper Can Be Hard to Recycle

Shredding a piece of paper shortens its fibers, which reduces its value. Shredded paper is almost too small to be useful to recyclers. It’s possible for shredded paper to contaminate the recycling process by slipping past the paper-making screens.