Events Happening This Month

We’re hosting a lot of events in Truckee this month! Come get involved and Keep Truckee Green!

Fixit Clinic

Tuesday, October 15th from 5-7:30pm

Truckee Roundhouse | 12116 Chandelle Way, Ste E3, Truckee

Keep Truckee Green and the Truckee Roundhouse are bringing you another Fixit Clinic! Bring your household items needing repair and learn how to fix them from our awesome expert coach volunteers! Bring in clothing, textiles, small electronics, bikes, wooden furniture or other small items and our expert coaches will try to fix them and teach you along the way!

Tools and snacks provided. All ages welcome!

Skilled at taking things apart and putting them back together? Interested in volunteering as a coach? Email us!

Single-Use Reduction Workshop

Tuesday, October 29 from 5:30-7pm

Community Arts Center | 10046 Church St, Truckee

Keep Truckee Green is exploring single-use foodware reduction strategies and wants to hear from you! Help shape Truckee’s single-use policies and join us at a community workshop!

Spanish translation services will be available.

Climate-Ready Truckee Solutions Workshop

Thursday, Nov 7 from 5:30–7:30pm

Community Rec Center | 10981 Truckee Way, Truckee

Truckee needs your help. Our climate is changing, with hotter summers and more extreme storms. Together we can create solutions to reduce their impact. Join us to plan for our community’s future, and make your voice heard.

Spanish translation services will be available.

Recycling Cart Service Begins the Week of 9/30

Recycling cart service begins September 30 – October 4 for all Town neighborhoods (except Tahoe Donner). Here’s all the information you need to know:

  1. I didn’t get a cart, can I still get one?
    YES! Free deliveries to all Truckee neighborhoods except Tahoe Donner and Glenshire have been extended to October 21. Call TTSD to order at (530) 583-7800.
  2. What goes in my recycling cart?
    KTG_Poster-Recycling-without no bags-alt
    Download a sign here.

    – Plastics #1 & 2  plastics1-2
    – Paper & Cardboard
    – Glass
    – MetalClean and empty materials only. That means no liquid or food residue in your containers. Place materials directly into your cart – no blue bags!
  3. What goes in the trash?

    Download a sign here.
    – Food-soiled paper and cardboard (dirty napkins and pizza boxes)
    – Plastics #3-7 (check bottom of plastic container to verify)
    – Soft plastics (plastic bags)
    – Wax-lined paper (almond milk containers and coffee cups)
    – Styrofoam
  4. When is my cart serviced?
    Carts are serviced every-other-week on your regular trash day. Please have carts out by 6 am. Never miss a pick-up: download a calendar or sign up for weekly e-mail reminders!
  5. Where do I place my cart?
    Carts should be wheeled to the street, 3 feet apart from other objects, with wheels facing away from the street, like this:
  6. Can I still use blue bags?
    YES! Blue bags are still accepted. Note however that blue bags are not accepted inside your cart. Please place blue bags next to your trash can and recycling cart.

Liquids Are a Mess for Recycling

half-filled bottles

We’ve all seen people toss half-full bottles of soda into recycling bins, but is this really OK? No. Liquids are bad for the recycling process because most recyclables end up mixing together. When liquids come into contact with paper products, the paper fibers become damaged and impossible to recycle. Liquids also make recycling loads heavier and more expensive to haul, and they create big messes when they spill on the sorting line.

So what should you do? Dump out any liquids from your containers before you recycle them. If a container is really wet, try to let it dry before tossing it in with other recyclables. That way, any paper that’s being recycled will stay dry, too.

6 Ways to Cut Back on Food Waste for Climate Week

food in fridge

September 23-29 is Climate Week NYC, a series of events run in coordination with the UN and the City of New York that showcase actions people are taking around the world to reduce our impact on the climate and foster discussion on how we can do more.

Want to Take Action?

If you want to join the effort to take action on climate, food waste is a great place to start. In the U.S., 40% of food goes to waste, which accounts for 16% of our total methane emissions. Methane is a harmful greenhouse gas that has more than 25 times the environmental impact that carbon dioxide has.

We can lower our methane emissions and reduce our climate impact by cutting back on food waste.

How to Reduce Your Food Waste

Try out these 6 tips to put a dent in how much food you waste:

1. Shop smart. Only buy what you know you’ll use. Create a meal plan for the week and build a shopping list around that meal plan. Try using this meal planner from Eureka Recycling, or the EPA’s smart shopping list (PDF).

2. Store food strategically. Fasten a produce storage guide to your fridge door, such as this one from the EPA (PDF), so you know which foods keep best inside or outside the fridge.

Also, learn about where food should be stored within your fridge. Your shelves, drawers and doors are designed to hold different types of foods. Check out the NRDC’s Refrigerator Demystified infographic (PDF).

3. Eat food strategically. All produce has a varying shelf life. Try labeling your food to remind yourself which items need to be eaten first (these PDF signs from the EPA are handy), and freeze food that’s about to go bad so you can use it in the future.

Still having trouble eating food in time? Try the USDA’s FoodKeeper application for Apple and Android devices. The app provides expert-backed advice for storing and eating more than 400 foods and drinks, and can give you reminders to use items before they go bad.

4. Prepare food in advance. When you get home from the store, rinse and chop your produce so that snacking and meal prep is easier during the week. That way you’ll be more likely to follow through on making the meals you shopped for.

5. In California, best-by dates indicate freshness, not safety. Use-by dates indicate food safety. That means you can still eat food after its best-by date, but not after its use-by date. To learn more about how long you can keep food, visit or

6. Have a fridge full of random items? Use an online tool to help you find recipes for them, such as Supercook or MyFridgeFood.

Torn Jeans? Here’s an Easy Way to Fix Them (Video)

Wear your favorite jeans for long enough and eventually they’ll tear. Better than throwing them away and buying a new favorite, you can fix them!

With an inside patch for stability and some jean-colored thread, your favorite denim will be back in action. Watch this video to see how:

You can also start fixing your tear by applying an iron-on patch, as this second video demonstrates:

Jeans can last a long time, so fixing a tear can give them a much longer life. And not only will it keep them out of the landfill, it will also save you money.

Town of Truckee Launches Truckee Litter Corps

Join Truckee Litter Corps (TLC) for the inaugural monthly litter clean-up event on Saturday, September 7th. TLC is a volunteer-led litter clean-up group that will meet the first Saturday of each month to remove litter from Truckee roadways, trails, and public spaces.

Volunteers should be at Town Hall at 8 am to receive your TLC t-shirt, supplies, and street assignment. All ages are welcome, and minors must be accompanied by an adult. All volunteers must fill out a volunteer waiver form.

Find more info and sign-up to volunteer on the TLC homepage.

Thank you for helping to Keep Truckee Green!

Back to School This Fall? Here’s How to Dispose of Drink Pouches

drink pouches

If you’re sending kids back to school this fall, chances are you’ll be packing some snacks and lunches. If you pack any drink pouches, such as Capri Sun, Tropicana or Honest Kids pouches, make sure they get tossed in the trash. Drink pouches are not recyclable.

Want to go the extra mile? Sign up for TerraCycle’s Drink Pouch Mail-In Recycling Program, or ask your kid’s school to start a collection for it. That way you can mail in empty pouches to be recycled through their special program.

Even better, invest in a reusable drink container for your kid to take to school, and fill it from a larger container of juice at home. You’ll quickly save money and reduce waste at the same time.

How to Host a Clothing Swap (Video)


What if you could get a wardrobe refresh without ever hitting the mall or shopping online? It turns out you can.

Clothing swaps are a fun way to trade clothes with friends and family. You can declutter while hanging out with people you care about, and breathe some new life into your closet without spending any money. Check out this video from New Dream to find out how clothing swaps work and get some tips for hosting your own.

NEW Compost Drop-Off Program


Feed Gardens, Not Landfills!

Keep Truckee Green is excited to announce a partnership with Slow Food Lake Tahoe, bringing you expanded compost drop-off options! We are excited to offer you three locations to drop off residential compostable waste. Keep your fruits, veggies, coffee grounds and eggshells out of the landfill and turn them back into soil instead.

NOTE: This is an optional drop-off program, not to be confused with our Green Waste carts for yard waste.

What’s Accepted?


– fruits / veggies
– flowers
– eggshells
– coffee grounds
– leaves
– sawdust from untreated wood

NO! (Please keep these items out of our compost.)

– bread / bones / meat / dairy / seafood / fats / leftovers
animal waste / kitty litter
– plastic or compostable cutlery, bags or containers
– tissues / paper towels
shredded newspaper
– anything sprayed with pesticides or herbicides
– tea bags / coffee filters

Drop-Off Locations

Truckee Community Farmer’s Market
Sundays | June 16th – Sept 29th
9am – 1pm @ Tricounties Bank Plaza
12047 Donner Pass Road, West End of Truckee

Truckee Demonstration Garden
Drop-off anytime | May – October
Located at the Regional Park. See map for directions.

Truckee Town Hall
Drop-off anytime | Year-round
Collection cart is located behind the building, by rear entrance door.
10183 Truckee Airport Rd. See map for directions.

Grammy Award Winner Releases Music Video About Plastic Pollution

American blues musician and four-time Grammy award winner Keb’ Mo’ just released a new song to help spread global awareness about plastic pollution. It’s called ‘Don’t Throw It Away.’ Check out the music video below, and remember — try not to buy stuff you’re going to throw away. Refusing and reusing always come before recycling or tossing in the trash.

Give yourself a refresher on what plastics we recycle by checking out the complete list in our Recycling Guide.