Truckee is committed to a sustainable future, and reducing the trash we generate is big part of Keeping Truckee Green for future generations. Truckee has prospered as a world-class destination, but alongside growth, tourism and recreation comes responsibility. Let’s show our love for our outdoor lifestyle by being more mindful of our consumption and recycling choices. Together we can make a better tomorrow.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle as a last resort.

Single-use items may make life easier, but they place a huge burden on our resources, land and waters. Nationally, roughly 33 percent of all waste is plastic. Though much of it has a recycle symbol on it, only a small percentage is actually recycled from Truckee due to low value in the commodities markets. Consider your choices when shopping and select durable, reusable items when possible.

Together, we can make Truckee greener.