Know what goes where.

Most of us put what we believe should be recycled into the bag and think we’re doing the right thing. In reality, knowing what belongs where makes the whole process more efficient.

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Blue Bag Do’s

Rules of Thumb: If it can mold or get stinky, rinse it before you put it in the bag! Beverage containers (soda bottles, beer cans/bottles) do not need to be rinsed. Only plastics #1 and #2 are recyclable in Truckee.


Blue Bag Don’ts

Rules of Thumb: Don’t put the following items in your blue bag: Plastics #3, #4, #5, #6, #7. Items that can mold or become stinky. If It’s paper-like but you can’t tear it. If it’s made of mixed materials (paper and plastic). If it’s sticky or you can crush it (all plastic film products and labels). All disposable cups, straws, lids, plates, bowls, eating utensils and to-go containers, as well as any pouches, containers or wrappers with foil.


Plastic Films (can be collected and recycled at Safeway)

Hazardous Waste 
(can be collected and disposed of at Cabin Creek)

Ceramics, Crystal, DishesDrinking Glasses, Mugs, Pyrex
Construction Materials
Dirty Paper Towels
Dirty PB&J or Condiment Containers
Dirty Pizza Boxes (food contamination)
Foil Wrapping Paper
Frozen Food Boxes (mixed materials)
Paper and Plastic Plates (food contamination)
Paper Cups
Plastic Straws
Power Bar and Candy Wrappers
Soy/Almond/Milk Containers (mixed materials)
Wine Box Liners
Wax or Plastic Coated Cartons