Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal bills you based on these service categories shown below:

Waste Material Categories:
Regular: Standard cans collected. You are allotted one 32-gallon can per week.
Extra: Collection of small volumes of miscellaneous items not in standard cans (for example, bags and boxes).

Scheduled overage: 4x per year, you may schedule an overage pickup. Each allows up to 96-gallons of extra waste to be picked up.

Bulky Item: 2x per year, you may schedule a bulky item pickup of one large furniture item or appliance.

Service/Labor Categories:
Mess:  Charge for picking up excessive scattered debris (for example, animal mess or improper containment).
Trip:  Charge for retrieving cans located beyond the allowable distance from the road.
Service:  Charge for collecting trash on a non-standard service day, or returning on the same day after the route has been completed.

Recycling Program:
Blue Bag:  Number of program approved blue bags containing authorized recyclable material. If the content of the blue bag is not clearly visible or, if the contents contain non-recyclable material, the bag will be recorded and billed as regular waste. You may use unlimited blue bags for free. To do so: place the blue bags next to your trash can.

Recycling Carts: Recycling carts are serviced to the available neighborhoods. Carts contaminated wiht non-recyclable material will be billed as regular waste.