Wire Coat Hangers

clothes hangers;

Did you know that wire coat hangers can be used for much more than just hanging your coat?

One of our staff members Trevor, loves to use them for arts and crafts with his kids and family.

In fact, like the rest of our team’s closets, they’re found in practically every closet and other storage space in most homes.

Below our team has reviewed some of our favorite and not so favorite things about each of the wire coat hangers we tried, and what we used them for.

We’ve also made it super simple for you if you wanted to see more information about any of the particular hangers, all you’d need to do is click on any of the images of them and use the table of contents below.

Best Overall Wire Metal Coat Hanger

We have tested over 50 different kinds of wire coat hangers, plastic hangers, and everything else you can use to hang clothing on, and this one was the overall favorite in the house. 

Key Features

  • Vinyl coated wire for clothing protection
  • Sturdy steel construction to prevent bending
  • Multi-pack of 36



Are coat hangers recyclable?

Plastic coat hangers are ok to recycle. However, wire coat hangers should not be placed with your recycling items.

Can you put wire hangers in the recycle bin?

Wire hangers that are bent up or unwound or otherwise unusable, can be recycled with scrap metal. Please do not put them in your curbside recycling bin as they create all kinds of havoc at the recycling sorting facilities.

Are plastic coat hangers recyclable?

Yes. Plastic hangers are recyclable.

Are metal coat hangers recyclable?

Unfortunately metal coat hangers jam the machines quite often in the recycling facilities. Please do not put with your recycling.

How do you dispose of coat hangers?

  1. Give away to any local clothing store.
  2. Bring to dry cleaners. Most will take it happily.