Padded Envelopes

cropped shot of businessman holding envelope with documents at workplace

Pencils are among the first things most of us can remember using the first time we ever wrote. Not only do they hold great nostalgia, but they’re also one of the most useful and, in some cases, required ways to write.

For example, #2 Pencils are often required for most tests across schools in the United States. Colored pencils happen to be a favorite staple for kids and artists.

We’ve also made it super simple for you if you wanted to see more information about any of the particular pencils, all you’d need to do is click on any of the images of them or use the table of contents below.

Best Overall Padded Envelope

Almost all of the kids and adults we spoke with agree that these are the top choice for #2 pencils. Not only are they multi-colored (instead of only that boring Orange/Yellow color), but they’re high quality as well. And yes, they are 100% good for standardized tests that require #2 lead. 

Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • 10 light weight bubble cushioned mailer envelopes.
  • Interior is built with bubble lined wall construction for extra protection during transit, ensuring the packages arrive in great condition.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are padded mailers recyclable?

If the padded envelope is made of bubble wrap and cardboard, you would have to separate the two of them to recycle individually. If the envelope is cushioned with paper, then the materials are the same and you can recycle as is.

Are bubble wrap envelopes recyclable?

Bubble wrapped envelopes and mailers can only be recycled if you separate the bubble wrap from the envelope. This insures they can be recycled appropriately.