Didn’t get a recycling cart? It’s not too late! Carts are available for pickup for all Truckee neighborhoods except Tahoe Donner. Call TTSD to order: (530) 583-7800. 

Recycling Cart Delivery Schedule

Recycling carts have been delivered to Glenshire residents. Glenshire residents still wishing to receive a recycling cart must call TTSD at 530.583.7800 to authorize delivery for a fee or schedule a pick-up for no charge. 

Residents of all other neighborhoods (except Tahoe Donner) who sign up for recycling carts will receive them in September for service starting in October 2019. Tahoe Donner residents will receive recycling carts in Fall 2020. Glenshire recycling cart service began in October 2018.


2019-2020 Recycling Service Calendar

Carts are serviced every-other-week on your regular trash collection day.

Never miss a pickup: set up collection day e-mail reminders.

Click on the calendar to download a PDF version.


How do I use my cart?

1) Scrape out food and pour liquids from all recyclable containers. Place clean recyclables directly into the cart. NO BLUE BAGS!

2) Place your cart curbside by 6 am on your service day, every-other-week. The cart must be 3 feet away from other objects, with the wheels facing your house.

3) After service, remove the cart from the street. Carts cannot be left in town right-of-way.


What’s recyclable? 

Recycle clean and emptied:

  • Plastics #1 & 2
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Aluminum
  • Cardboard

 Download a recycling sign here!



  • Plastics #3-7 (including plastic bags, film plastic)
  • Food-soiled paper & cardboard
  • Wax-lined paper & cardboard (coffee cups, almond milk containers, drink cups)
  • Foil-lined wrappers

Download a trash sign here!


Learn more at What’s Recyclable in Truckee.