Waste and recycling services for residents and businesses within the Town of Truckee are provided by the waste hauler, Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal (TTSD).

How much trash are you allotted? Each resident is limited to one 32-gallon can of trash per week. There is no can averaging. TTSD only collects trash in the bin you provide. Residents can also subscribe to 2-can service for an additional fee. Of course, the use of recycling carts and green waste carts will help ensure you always have your fill.

Winter Service Reminders

The following is required year-round, but is especially important in the winter when there is snow on the ground:

  • Place trash and recycling behind the snow pole line to not interfere with roadway snow removal operations.
  • Remove containers from the Town right-of-way the same day as collection.
  • Do not place trash out before 5 am, unless you are using a bear shed.

    Bear shed usage:
  • Remove snow and ice from bear sheds to allow doors to swing freely and fully.
  • Clearly label your bear shed with your property address. Address should face the street.
  • TTSD will not service bear sheds unless a clear, unobstructed direct path of access at least 36″ wide is cleared of snow, including removing roadside snow berm.
Garbage Can
Garbage Can
Green Cart
Green Cart
Blue Cart
Blue Cart

Bear Awareness

Please never place trash at your curb prior to 5:00 a.m. on the day of your collection day, unless it is in an approved bear shed. We all know how much bears and other animals love an impromptu picnic. So, we must all do our part to keep them alive in their natural habitat. This is why you must always secure your trash. View the Town of Truckee’s solid waste ordinance, including bear shed requirements here.

Here are some tips for proper bear shed usage:

  • Clearly label your bear shed with your address – Address should face the street. This will help TTSD with attributing your trash to the correct property.
  • Sharing a bear shed with a neighbor is highly discouraged – this makes attributing trash to the correct house very difficult for collection workers. If you absolutely must share a bear shed, clearly label each trash can with the property address. Please consult TTSD to inform them of your situation.
  • Yes/No magnets are not necessary – TTSD is required to check every single bear shed each week regardless of yes/no magnets.
  • Winter Reminders:
    • Remove snow and ice from bear sheds – doors should swing freely and fully.
    • Clear an access path – TTSD will not service bear sheds unless a clear, unobstructed direct path of access at least 36″ wide is cleared of snow, including removing roadside snow berm.

Print out a Renter’s Trash Guide to inform your renters or guests of bear safety and trash requirements, and view bear shed installation requirements below:

Scheduled Overages

Got extra trash? Save money, schedule a free overage through your online customer portal at
free overage pickup four times a year

We know a gear room spring cleaning, paperwork purge, or family get together may create a higher-than-normal volume of trash. Avoid a trash overage charge by scheduling a free overage pickup. You may take advantage of this service up to four times per year. On your chosen overage day, TTSD can cart away an extra three cans or bags of additional waste for FREE on your regular collection day. Maximum 51 lbs. each can or bag. Just schedule the overage one day in advance via the online customer portal under “MY ACCOUNT” at, so TTSD’s crew will be prepared for it. Don’t have access to your customer account? Learn how to log in.

Trash Overage Charge

Graphic explaining what is a trash overage charge.

Do you know what’s good for your TTSD drivers, wildlife and wallet? The proper placement of your trash. Unfortunately, if it is not put out properly, an overage will be charged. So, please follow these rules to avoid receiving trash overage charges from TTSD.

You may receive an extra trash-overage charge for:

  • Materials (trash or blue bags) that exceed the height of your trash can
  • An extra can is used — even for blue bags! To avoid overage charges, place blue bags next to the can, not inside it.
  • Cardboard or additional trash is left outside a can. (Instead, place cardboard in a blue cart or securely fastened blue bags.)
  • Non-recyclables placed in a blue bag for recycling. See the full list of “What is Recyclable” here.
  • Blue bags left untied. Blue bags should be tied closed to be keep recyclables separate from trash in the hauler’s truck.

Recyclables are collected for free in a blue cart or blue bag. Sign up for a free recycling cart by calling TTSD at (530) 583-7800; delivery fees apply.

If you regularly require more than one trash can, you can subscribe to two-can service, and two 32-gallon cans of trash will be collected at an additional rate. Call TTSD to subscribe at (530) 583-7800.

If you share a bear box or have a shared driveway, label your trash can and bear box with your address number, so that trash can be properly attributed to each household. Learn more at or contact TTSD at (530) 583-7800.

Know you’ll have extra trash? Learn how to schedule a free overage.

View the Solid Waste Collection Service Fees

Bulky Item Pickups

Got bulky items? Call TTSD to schedule your 2x/year free bulky item pickups 530.583.7800

Is it time to replace that couch, TV or fridge? Residents may receive two free bulky item pickups each year. (Multi-family residents of 5+ units are allowed one bulky item pickup per year.) A bulky item must be under 200 lbs. and may include household furniture and e-waste. See specific information for refrigerators here. Additional fees may apply for items containing refrigerants. To schedule a pickup, call TTSD at (530) 583-7800.

Customer Info

Customer Portal

Squirrel illustration pointing to laptop with
Log into your customer portal here.

Truckee residents have access to an online customer portal to manage trash services with Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal. Through your portal, customers have access to:

letter icon with exclamation in the corner of it.

Email Notifications: Receive email notifications within days of any service charges to your account. To subscribe, click “Go Paperless” then “Manage Email Notifications”.

computer with a dollar sign on screen

Paperless Billing: Pay your bills online.

trash can with a plus sign

Schedule Trash Overages: Have up to 3 extra cans of trash collected for FREE up to 4 times per year.

To log into your portal for the first time, visit and click “My Account” in the top right corner. You’ll need your Customer Account Number and an Invoice Number, which can be found on a recent bill from TTSD, or by calling their Customer Service at (530) 583-7800.


In Truckee, the trash bill for the year is paid for through the property taxes. This includes the base rate of:

  • one 32-gallon trash can per week;
  • recycling carts and blue bag collection;
  • curbside green waste collection;
  • discounted green waste dumpsters;
  • drop-off of 6-yards of green waste at Eastern Regional Landfill;
  • two bulky item pick-ups per year;
  • 4 free scheduled overages;
  • online customer portal;
  • and other programs such as compost drop-off, cardboard drop-off and Keep Truckee Green programming.

View the Solid Waste Collection Service Fees

Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal sends quarterly bills directly to residents for any extra services, such as a 2-can service or overage charges. For billing inquiries, please contact TTSD directly at 530-583-7800.

Did you just move to Truckee or into a newly constructed house? Please contact TTSD directly to set up your service at 530-583-7800. You will be billed directly until the next property tax cycle occurs for the next fiscal year.

Email signup

If you would like to stay up-to-date on Truckee's sustainability efforts or sign up for trash and recycling pick up day reminders, submit your info here!