2021 Roadway Vegetation Management

The   Town   of   Truckee,   in   coordination   with   the   Truckee   Fire   Protection   District   and   the  Glenshire/Devonshire,  Prosser Lakeview,  and Sierra Meadows neighborhoods,  will  be performing vegetation removal services along 42 miles of roadways within these neighborhoods this summer from April through September. The work began in the Tahoe Donner neighborhood in the Summer of 2020, where vegetation removal was completed on 61 centerline miles of roadsides to a distance of 15 feet from the edge of the roadways. This year’s project includes removal of vegetation along 42 centerline miles of roadsides within 10 feet of the edge of the roadways in Glenshire, Sierra Meadows, Prosser Lakeview, and the peripherals of Tahoe Donner. The goals of the project are to increase wildfire resiliency, improve roadside safety, and to improve roadway maintenance and operations, including snow removal.

The project scope includes removal of all vegetation within 10 feet of roadways except for groundcover vegetation less than 18 inches in height, trees larger than 24 inches in diameter at breast height (limbed to 15 feet), and vegetation within the median islands in the Sierra Meadows neighborhood.

Funding for this project is partially provided by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection as part of the California Climate Investments Program. The Glenshire portion of the project is funded by TSSA 5 funds.

Find more information at the project page.

2021 Roadway Vegetation Project Interactive Map

Sustainability Benefits

The vegetation removal project aims to increase wildfire resiliency by improving evacuation routes and reducing the amount of flammable vegetation on roadsides. This project will provide increased wildfire resiliency for over 3,000 properties and over 100 acres of wildland/urban interface along 42 miles of roadway.

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