Renewable Diesel Conversion

In early 2021, the Town switched over all sixty-one of our diesel-fueled vehicles from fossil fuel diesel to renewable diesel, which is derived from plant-based feedstock. Renewable diesel is a great option for our fleet, because its fuel performance is identical to fossil fuel diesel, it does not require any vehicle retrofits, and it performs well in cold weather.

With the Town’s successful renewable diesel proof of concept complete, we are excited to lead the way in expanding renewable diesel adoption in Truckee. The Town executed a Memorandum of Understanding with Truckee Fire Protection District and Truckee Donner Public Utility District, allowing both agencies to fuel their fleets with renewable diesel at the Town’s fueling facility. Later this year we plan to install a larger fuel tank to facilitate this expansion. 

Sustainability Benefits

Renewable diesel is produced from various renewable feedstocks, including animal fat and cooking oil. When compared to fossil fuel diesel, renewable diesel provides an approximate 57% decrease in carbon emissions. This conversion will eliminate an estimated 322 metric tons of CO2e annually, which is equivalent to the average emissions from seventy passenger vehicles.

Renewable diesel can also decrease air pollutant emissions by reducing tailpipe outputs of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 10% and particulate matter (PM10) by 30% when compared to conventional diesel used in older engines.

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