Yard Waste Carts

Three green lidded yard waste containers in front of garden

Green carts will be serviced from the beginning of May through the end of November, every other week, weather pending.

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We know there can be a lot of yard waste to pick up, so you may have up to three green carts for your household. Need another green waste cart? Contact TTSD at 530-583-7800 to order your green cart(s). Delivery fees apply or free pick up option may be available.

Green bag service ended in June 2018.

How do I use my cart?

  1. Place yard trimmings (pine cones, pine needles, branches, grass clippings) directly into your yard waste cart. No bags!
  2. Place your cart on the edge of the street no later than 6 am on your service day. Carts should be 3 ft away from other carts or other objects, with the cart handle facing away from the street center. Lids must be completely closed.
  3. After service, remove carts from the street. Carts cannot be left in the Town’s right-of-way.

Are you unable to roll back your cart after each service?

TTSD will roll your cart in and out on your service day with a paid subscription. Contact TTSD directly to set up by calling 530-583-7800.


punch card for green waste in front of wallet and a pick-up truck full of pine needles

This program is FREE to use from May through October at Eastern Regional Landfill.

Drop-off up to six yards of yard waste for free annually.

All we ask is that you load, unload and completely empty your bags and materials.

You will receive an address-specific punch card to track yards dropped off upon first visit to Eastern Regional Landfill. Proof of residency with an ID and a utility bill required for issuance of a punch card. Punch cards are transferable, so you can give this to your contractor or friendly neighbor.

Dumpster Rental

Two green dumpsters placed on a driveway

For only $81.28 (rate effective through June 30, 2021), you can arrange for a one-week rental of a six-yard dumpster. Maximum of two units per household. Reserve your dumpster(s) well in advance by calling TTSD to (530) 583-7800 to ensure your rental before it’s completely booked for the season between May and October only. Start booking your reservations as of April 5, 2021!

TTSD will deliver the dumpster(s) to your property on Wednesday and retrieve it the following Wednesday.

Please be sure to fill the dumpster(s) with loose material only. No bagging of yard waste is permitted.

Drop-Off Events

A squirrel holding a pine cone next to a pick-up truck containing pine needles
Green Waste Drop-off Events – Truckee residents can drop off green waste for free. No bags please!

2021 Green Waste Drop-off Events

Self-service: drop-off your residential yard waste. NO DIRT, NO ROCKS, NO BAGS.

Truckee Rodeo Grounds: 8 am – 2 pm

10695 Brockway Rd, Truckee

Friday, May 14
Friday, June 4
Friday, June 25

Please have patience and be prepared to wait in line, as drop-off may take longer than usual because of social distancing.

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Scheduled Overages

three garbage cans with text reading four times per year

Up to 4 times per year, TTSD will collect up to 96 gallons of additional waste on a resident’s regular pick-up day for FREE. You may choose to use your overages for extra yard waste collection.

You must schedule overage pickups in advance through your online account at waste101.com. Waste can be secured in cans, bags, or bundles. Each bag or can must not weigh more than 51 lbs.

Defensible Space

Creating defensible space is everyone’s responsibility in Truckee to keep our community safe from wildfires. Reduce the fuel by collecting branches, twigs, dead wood, shrubs, pine needles, and pine cones. Once you have created the defensible space, it is important to know how to get rid of this material in an adequate manner. 

Click through the tabs to learn how to properly dispose of your materials in Truckee.

For more resources, view Truckee Fire Protection District’s complete defensible space guidelines.

Make Your Home Fire Safe

Make Your Home Fire Safe

Defensible Space improves your chance of surviving a wildfire and helps Firefighters defend your home.

  • Trees spaced at least 10′
  • Move firewood piles at least 30′ away from structures
  • Trees trimmed at least 10′ from chimney and roof
  • Remove all dead plants, grass, and weeds
  • Clean under decks to prevent ember fire
  • Space and maintain fire-resistant plants and shrubs
  • Thin trees and remove ladder fuels at least 6′
  • Cut season grass
  • Clean roof of pine needles regularly

More info at Readyforwildfire.org

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