Mountain Mindset

Here in Truckee, we use our mountain mindset in all aspects of life. Here are just a few ways to embrace it every day:

REUSE: If you’ve ever been hiking in the spring after a big snowmelt, you know just how much of the litter found in Truckee’s streams, mountainsides, and streets is single-use plastics. Whether it’s bringing a reusable bag when you go shopping or a reusable mug for your morning coffee, these little choices can make a big impact in our community. By using reusable foodware, you not only avoid the 25-cent fee for single-use takeout containers and cups, but you help keep Truckee beautiful and litter-free.

REFILL: We are fortunate enough to have access to some of the best tap water in the country from a pristine mountain aquifer beneath Martis Valley. By using a refillable water bottle, you not only get to enjoy this fresh mountain water (which is higher quality than most bottled water), but you help reduce unnecessary waste and litter from single-use plastic bottles!

REPAIR: Living in the mountains has always demanded a certain level of self-sufficiency and resourcefulness. This old mountain mindset lives on when you choose to repair broken items instead of condemning them to the landfill. If you need help repairing something, you can bring it to our mending workshops and biannual Fixit Clinics at the Truckee Roundhouse!

BUY USED: With numerous local thrift and consignment stores and Facebook groups dedicated to giving old furniture, clothing, and household items a second life, it’s easy to save money and live more sustainably by buying used instead of new. It also helps support others in our mountain community!

The mountain mindset is all about community, from little things like picking up a piece of litter on your morning walk to big things like helping a neighbor shovel out their car. Let’s help each other remember to bring our mountain mindset wherever we go!

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