Litter Mitigation

ten collected disposable face masks laying on pavement in front of two filled garbage bags

The Town of Truckee is dedicated to litter mitigation to preserve our unique, pristine environment. To mitigate this issue during the 2021 summer season, we are addressing litter through many new programs:

  • Providing convenient and accessible disposal containers, including
    • large volume solar-powered compacting trash cans in downtown Truckee, the Truckee Railyard development, and Donner Lake
    • cigarette butt collection containers throughout Downtown Truckee
  • Landscaping, beautification and ongoing maintenance to set community standards through
    • a new part-time Landscape Maintenance staff person dedicated to beautification, litter removal and support to the Town landscaping program
    • a contract with Clean Tahoe for regular litter removal.
  • Utilizing awareness and motivational campaigns such as the
    • Take Care Tahoe messaging
    • Trailhead Ambassador program that will provide information at local trails on how to recreate responsibly, inspire visitors and community members to take care of our environment, and pass out materials including dog poop bags and reusable utensils.
bear ready to eat trash in trash can
  • Encouraging residents to report litter issues through a new citizen communication platform called Request Truckee

Litter efforts are not isolated to one particular department or division or even to just the Town staff. Efforts are being made across several Town departments, including Public Works, Solid Waste and Recycling, Engineering and Economic Development to abate litter in Truckee. Additionally, many community level efforts typify the Truckee Way; from the annual and longstanding Truckee Day, to the monthly Truckee Litter Corps clean-ups, and the many dedicated community individuals who are picking up trash in their daily lives.

View a complete list of the Town’s litter mitigation efforts in a storymap here.

Sustainability Benefit

Removing litter from our natural environment prevents trash from entering our waterways and wildlife’s stomachs.

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