Use a Green Box TO-GO Container

two reusable green takeout boxes filled with food on a table

Choose refills, not landfills! Make your to-go meal zero waste. When you order a to-go meal at participating restaurants, request it in a REUSABLE GREEN BOX!

Starting January 1, food vendors will be required to charge a 25¢ fee for each disposable cup and takeout container provided with to-go orders. Avoid fees and eliminate waste: use a reusable green box!

How does it work?

  • Buy your first green to-go container for $5.
  • Rinse the box after you finish eating.
  • Bring the box back to trade for a clean one with your next order at any participating restaurant, for free!

Available at:

Maki Ali Sushi/Japanese pub logo
RMU logo
Old Town Tap Pizzeria and Spirits logo
Red Truck restaurant logo

Siam Cuisine logo
Tahoe Food Hub logo

Stella at Cedar House Sport Hotel logo
Sierra Bakehouse logo
Best Pies: New York Style Pizzeria & Restaurant -- Truckee, CA logo
specs for the reusable green box container

Short-term rental property owners: interested in providing green boxes at your rental for your guests to use while in Truckee? Purchase green boxes from any participating restaurant listed above! Print an info sheet for your guests!

Are you a business interested in using green boxes in your restaurant? Please contact

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