Special Events

Free water filling stations and dispensers now available for special events in Truckee!

Water bottle filling stations are a great way to reduce single-use plastic water bottle waste, reduce the amount of trash pick up after an event, and demonstrate to event attendees your organization’s dedication to sustainability! It is also an opportunity to treat event attendees to our amazing tap water sourced from a mountain aquifer in Martis Valley.

There are two mobile water filling stations and two 5-gallon water dispensers available for reservation. Event organizers can reserve any number or combination of mobile stations/dispensers as long as they are available. The mobile water stations (pictured above and to the left) have two spigots event attendees can use to fill a reusable cup or water bottle. The station needs to be connected to a potable water source via a potable water hose that is provided. It is encouraged that event organizers provide reusable cups for event attendees to use if possible.

The two 5-gallon water dispensers (pictured above and to the right) will be empty upon pick up. They do not connect to a potable water source and need to be refilled throughout an event by the event organizer. The water dispensers can only contain water and cannot contain any other type of beverage.

Using the mobile water filling stations and dispensers is also a great way to begin transitioning to a single-use plastic water bottle free Truckee. Starting April 22, 2025 special events in Truckee will need to comply with the Town’s Single-Use Plastic Bottle and Paper Carton Ordinance which prohibits the sale and commercial distribution of water in single-use plastic water bottles and paper cartons. To learn more about the Single-Use Plastic Bottle and Paper Carton Ordinance, please visit the “Ordinance” tab above.

If you are interested in requesting a reservation, please email Sustainability@TownofTruckee.com for more information.

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