Calling all food vendors: you are invited to learn about Truckee’s foodware reduction ordinance, and what it means for your business.

WHEN: Monday, May 22 from 2-3:30 PM

WHERE: Jax at the Tracks, 10144 W River St

WHY: Learn about Truckee’s foodware reduction ordinance, what it means to your business, and technical assistance and grant funding available to help you comply!

WHO: All food vendors in Truckee are invited, including owners and managers from coffee shops, full service restaurants, fast food, hotels, grocery stores, and convenience stores

Approved in November 2022, Truckee’s foodware reduction ordinance aims to reduce the number of disposable foodware items sent to landfills or that end up as litter. New requirements that go into effect January 2024 include reusable foodware provided for all customers dining in-house, a $0.25 fee for each disposable takeout container and cup provided, and a requirement to only provide disposable accessory foodware items (utensils, napkins, etc.) when requested by the customer. Learn more about the foodware ordinance, including grant funding available here.