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Efficient electric heating technology is becoming more and more popular, and cold climate heat pumps have advanced to the point where they are feasible to use in Truckee.

Are you a licensed contractor installing heat pump technology? Make sure you are taking advantage of the State rebates for doing so!

Do you want to get more comfortable with the installation of heat pump technology? Check out some of the training resources below.

The State TECH Incentive

  • For single-family dwellings, contractors can earn $1,000 for any Heat Pump HVAC installation, and $3,100 or $1,000 for any HPWH installation, depending on gas or electric replacement, respectively.
  • Click here for additional program details and here to enroll as a contractor. It only takes 15-30 minutes to enroll!

Trainings / Resources

The Electrification Technical Assistance Program (hosted by Silicon Valley Clean Energy) provides extensive free technical assistance to architects, builders, developers, design engineers, contractors, and energy consultants regarding all-electric building technologies and electric vehicle infrastructure. Technical experts can provide support including recommended design approaches, design guide resources, energy model peer review, and feasibility and performance analyses. They also provide recordings of technical contractor trainings covering design, commissioning, homeowner education, and incentive opportunities, which can be accessed through their website.

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