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Disposal Rate

This information tracks the “disposal rate,” which is defined as the average pounds of trash disposed, per person, per day. Trash is defined as solid waste that will ultimately end up in a landfill, and is not diverted by recycling, composting, or yard waste programs.

The disposal rate is calculated as the average weight of trash disposed per day town-wide, including both residential and commercial sources, divided by the total number of residents.

Per Capita Disposal Rate formula: [(disposal tons x 2,000 lbs/ton) / 365 days] / Population

The Town of Truckee implemented new waste programs in 2018, which include recycling carts, yard waste carts, commercial compost, and many educational programs. Staff have dedicated their efforts to implementing waste reduction measures by developing single-use reduction policies and hosting events that promote reusables, such as Fixit Clinics.

What you can do: Take action by finding creative ways to reuse and repair your items, instead of buying new goods. Try meal planning and learn long-lasting food storage techniques to limit the food that you throw away. Bring leftover food scraps to the compost collection at Town Hall. You may also reduce landfill waste by making sure each recycled item is an acceptable material type that is clean and dry. View our recycling guide here.

This information tracks the “disposal rate,” which is defined as the average  pounds of trash disposed, per person, per day.

While the disposal rate may fluctuate due to reasons such as economic recession or high levels of visitation, it provides a look at how much waste individuals in our community are generating. We may deduce that lower rates of disposal are a sign of successful waste reduction and diversion programs through improved collection, processing and recycling.

This information is taken from the CalRecycle Electronic Annual Report, as reported by Eastern Regional Landfill. Since our community’s waste is collected and sorted with materials from other jurisdictions, this number is an allocated estimate.

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