Tahoe Donner Roadway Vegetation Maintenance Project

2020 Tahoe Donner Roadway Vegetation Maintenance Project

The Town of Truckee, in consultation with the Truckee Fire Protection District and the Tahoe Donner Association, is currently performing brush clearing and tree removal services along the roadways within the Tahoe Donner subdivision. The purpose of this work is to improve wildfire resiliency, road safety, and to increase snow storage.

The project consists of removing vegetation from the Town of Truckee right-of-way on all paved roads within the Tahoe Donner Subdivision, avoiding work on private property. The project scope consists of removing vegetation up to 15 feet off of the edge of paved roadways. All vegetation will be removed from the first 10 feet off of the edge of pavement, and from 10-15 feet all vegetation and trees smaller than 14 inches in diameter will be removed. Trees greater than 14 inches in diameter 10-15 feet off of the edge of paved roadways will be limbed up to 15 feet from ground to lowest branch.

This project will be completed during summer and fall 2020.

Sustainability Benefits

Because of this project, 4,023 acres of wildland/urban interface area will be serviced and 6,500 properties will have increase fire preparedness. Overall, this project helps to make our community safer from wildfire and prevents the subsequent greenhouse gases emitted from a catastrophic wildfire.

Tahoe Donner Roadway Widening
Photo Credit: Riley Powers

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