Construction Paper

Hand Hold Showing Blank Color Paper on Gray Background

Construction paper is one of our favorite things to do arts & crafts with our children. Using them in school is one of the few things that are almost universal for kids of all ages and definitely brings back nostalgia to big kids like us!

We asked our panel of tiny experts to help us find and try out all different shapes, sizes, and animals that could be made with the paper. 

This pack of paper comes in 12 assorted colors. Our little experts loved how heavyweight the paper was since it was a bit more forgiving for folding, gluing, and all other kinds of crafts.

Key Features

  • Tough enough to take scoring, folding, and curling without cracking and tearing
  • Superior fade resistance for brighter, longer-lasting projects



Can you recycle construction paper?

Clean construction paper can be recycled with no issues. If it has glue, then it will not be.

Can colored paper be recycled?

Colored paper as long as it is free of glue it can be recycled.

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