Paper Towels

A paper towel roll

Almost every household utilizes paper towels.

Pack contains 8 Family Rolls of Bounty Quick Size paper towels, equal to 20 Regular Rolls.

Key Features

  • This pack contains 40 more sheets per pack which mean 5 extra days’ worth of paper vs. Bounty Select-A-Size 8 Huge Roll Estimated based on manufacturer data. Actual usage may vary by household.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are paper towels recyclable?

Even though they're called "Paper Towels", they are not recyclable like regular paper products are. This is because the fibers in paper towels are too small to recycle. You should place them in your trash.

Can you recycle used or dirty paper towels?

Paper towels in general are not recyclable even when clean. You should toss them in the regular trash.

What are paper towels?

A paper towel is a disposable and typically highly absorbent towel made of paper. They are intended for single use.

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