Plastic Bottles

Plastic Bottles

Truckee encourages all its residents to Drink Tahoe Tap in reusable cups or bottles. However, you can recycle or get cash for your plastic water bottles. Most bottles smaller than 16oz are eligible for CRV. Look for a label that says “CA Redemption Value,” or “CA Cash Refund.” If it’s eligible, take it to the Eastern Regional Landfill Buyback Redemption Center.

Special Directions

Don’t crush your bottles! Crushed containers are difficult for sorters to separate.

Make sure bottles and cans are empty and dry. Liquids contaminate all recyclables in the bin. Bottle caps are okay to recycle as long as they are attached to the bottle.

Water from Tahoe is some of the cleanest in the state. Drink Tahoe Tap has some helpful resources that explain the safety of drinking local water from the tap.

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