Bear Awareness

Please never place trash at your curb prior to 5:00 a.m. on the day of your collection day, unless it is in an approved bear shed. We all know how much bears and other animals love an impromptu picnic. So, we must all do our part to keep them alive in their natural habitat. This is why you must always secure your trash. View the Town of Truckee’s solid waste ordinance, including bear shed requirements here.

Here are some tips for proper bear shed usage:

  • Clearly label your bear shed with your address – Address should face the street. This will help TTSD with attributing your trash to the correct property.
  • Sharing a bear shed with a neighbor is highly discouraged – this makes attributing trash to the correct house very difficult for collection workers. If you absolutely must share a bear shed, clearly label each trash can with the property address. Please consult TTSD to inform them of your situation.
  • Yes/No magnets are not necessary – TTSD is required to check every single bear shed each week regardless of yes/no magnets.
  • Winter Reminders:
    • Remove snow and ice from bear sheds – doors should swing freely and fully.
    • Clear an access path – TTSD will not service bear sheds unless a clear, unobstructed direct path of access at least 36″ wide is cleared of snow, including removing roadside snow berm.

Print out a Renter’s Trash Guide to inform your renters or guests of bear safety and trash requirements, and view bear shed installation requirements below:

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