Trash Overage Charge

Graphic explaining what is a trash overage charge.

Do you know what’s good for your TTSD drivers, wildlife and wallet? The proper placement of your trash. Unfortunately, if it is not put out properly, an overage will be charged. So, please follow these rules to avoid receiving trash overage charges from TTSD.

You may receive an extra trash-overage charge for:

  • Materials (trash or blue bags) that exceed the height of your trash can
  • An extra can is used — even for blue bags! To avoid overage charges, place blue bags next to the can, not inside it.
  • Cardboard or additional trash is left outside a can. (Instead, place cardboard in a blue cart or securely fastened blue bags.)
  • Non-recyclables placed in a blue bag for recycling. See the full list of “What is Recyclable” here.
  • Blue bags left untied. Blue bags should be tied closed to be keep recyclables separate from trash in the hauler’s truck.

Recyclables are collected for free in a blue cart or blue bag. Sign up for a free recycling cart by calling TTSD at (530) 583-7800; delivery fees apply.

If you regularly require more than one trash can, you can subscribe to two-can service, and two 32-gallon cans of trash will be collected at an additional rate. Call TTSD to subscribe at (530) 583-7800.

If you share a bear box or have a shared driveway, label your trash can and bear box with your address number, so that trash can be properly attributed to each household. Learn more at or contact TTSD at (530) 583-7800.

Know you’ll have extra trash? Learn how to schedule a free overage.

View the Solid Waste Collection Service Fees

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