Defensible Space

Creating defensible space is everyone’s responsibility in Truckee to keep our community safe from wildfires. Reduce the fuel by collecting branches, twigs, dead wood, shrubs, pine needles, and pine cones. Once you have created the defensible space, it is important to know how to get rid of this material in an adequate manner. 

Click through the tabs to learn how to properly dispose of your materials in Truckee.

For more resources, view Truckee Fire Protection District’s complete defensible space guidelines.

Make Your Home Fire Safe

Make Your Home Fire Safe

Defensible Space improves your chance of surviving a wildfire and helps Firefighters defend your home.

  • Trees spaced at least 10′
  • Move firewood piles at least 30′ away from structures
  • Trees trimmed at least 10′ from chimney and roof
  • Remove all dead plants, grass, and weeds
  • Clean under decks to prevent ember fire
  • Space and maintain fire-resistant plants and shrubs
  • Thin trees and remove ladder fuels at least 6′
  • Cut season grass
  • Clean roof of pine needles regularly

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