Get a free dumpster this summer! Rebate program details below.

Creating defensible space is everyone’s responsibility in Truckee to keep our community safe from wildfires. Reduce the fuel by collecting branches, twigs, dead wood, shrubs, pine needles, and pine cones. Once you have created the defensible space, it is important to know how to get rid of this material in an adequate matter.

These options exist for your home when looking to dispose of wildfire fuel.


The green bag program ended June 30, 2018. Any green bags left out will be collected and charged 

2. Opt-in to Yard Waste Carts

Residents may opt-in to receive up to 3 yard waste carts

These will be serviced on the following schedule. Print out a service schedule to keep in your home!

Carts reserved before May 30 will be delivered June 11-22.

Carts reserved on or after May 30 will be delivered in mid-July, on a rolling basis.

3. Self-Haul to Eastern Regional Landfill
Drop-off up to 6-yards of yardwaste for free.
ID required.
Load and unload yourself – do not bring bags!
Free May – October

*Get a free drop-off coupon code! Hiring a contractor? You can download a coupon code and your contractor can drop off your yard materials for free, on your behalf. Simply log into your TTSD online account at

4. Green Waste Dumpster Rental
Only $70 per dumpster.
6 yard dumpster, maximum of 2 per household.
Call TTSD to order at (530) 583-7800.
Available May- September only. These will sell out, so book in advance!
Delivered to property on Wednesday and retrieved full the following Wednesday.
Loose material only – do not put in bags!!

Truckee Fire Protection District Defensible Space Rebate Program will reiumburse you the cost of a green waste dumpster rental so can you remove vegeatation and create defensible space around your home.

-Simply provide a paid receipt from Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal, and Truckee Fire will reimburse you the full cost of the dumpster rental. 
-One dumpster rebate per household, until program funds last.
-For full details visit Truckee Fire Defensible Space.

5. Scheduled Overages

Up to 4 times per year, TTSD will collect up to 96-gallons of additional waste on a resident’s regular pick-up day for FREE.
Residents must schedule in advance through your online account at (Log in under “MY ACCOUNT”)
This can include extra green waste!
Waste can be secured in cans, bags, or bundles.