We constantly see powerful images reminding us of the climate crisis: polar bears, smoke stacks, and massive protests dominate environmental headlines. These are excellent at conveying the urgency of taking action and the frustration of environmentalists, however, they lack the ability to tell the full story of the growing problem.

Today, as Truckee, California, and the United States implement measures to slow the effects of climate change, it is critical that we understand the history, causes, and effects of the climate crisis. This video, produced by Sierra Watershed Education Partnerships (SWEP) and Envirolution Club members, features the faces of Tahoe and Truckee’s young climate advocates. We hope to engage people, especially elementary and middle schoolers, in a foundational video to equip them with the knowledge to understand and tackle climate change. Enjoy!

Evan Anderson
President of Advocacy
Truckee High School Envirolution Club

Header image: NASA Climate