Get free, on-demand, door-to-door ride service with this summer pilot program 

You may have seen small vans with Tart Connect logos driving around town. Have you taken a ride yet? These are part of a FREE summer Microtransit Pilot Project here in Truckee, designed to serve on-demand, door-to-door transit needs.  

What is Microtransit?  

Microtransit is the use of small-scale vehicles, such as shuttles, minibuses, or vans, to provide point to point transit rides. On-demand Microtransit means that vehicles are only dispatched when there is a ride request, typically through a “smart phone” app with the goal of sharing rides (like the Uber of Lyft model).  

Why Microtransit? 

Traditional public transit utilizes larger vehicles such as buses, subways, streetcars and commuter rails to serve set stops at set times. This model is structured to serve urban densities and typical commute patterns and is effective to move large numbers of people in cities. In Truckee, the TART, while effective for destinations along the main thoroughfare, leaves large populations in the outer areas and neighborhoods unable to access fixed route transit easily or conveniently. Microtransit removes that barrier by providing door to door service and flexibility to meet different trip types throughout the day. 

How is the Pilot going?   

The Town launched its summer Pilot Program on June 25th, 2022 and will run it until September 5th. The service is free to the user and hours of operation are from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM serving much, but not all of Truckee.   

So far, the Pilot is proving highly successful. Ridership is averaging about 250 riders a day, and average wait time in Truckee is only eight minutes. Riders have been pleased with the service, reporting a 4.9/5 average trip rating.  

The pilot will end on September 5th, at which point the Town and its partners will evaluate the system’s ability to serve the entire community in a cost effective and sustainable manner in the future. 

Submit your feedback!

To submit your feedback on the summer pilot and to share how YOU would like to see the TART Connect improved, take the survey in English here and in Spanish here.

If you haven’t already, download the TART Connect app here and take a trip for free! You will be helping the environment, reducing traffic congestion, and keeping money in your wallet.