The Town of Truckee is seeking community feedback on recommended single-use foodware policies in this 2-minute survey.

Over 1,000,000 tons of disposables—such as plastic forks, straws, take-out containers, and coffee cups—are landfilled in the United States each year. We are drafting single-use foodware reduction policies to help reduce Truckee’s GHG footprint, reduce waste, combat litter, and address the organization’s sustainability initiatives.

Last December, the Town formed a nine-person working group, consisting of business representatives, environmental activists, general public, and Town Council representatives. The working group held six meetings to discuss the feasibility of the proposed policies, business challenges, technical support opportunities, implementation, and public outreach.

The working group recommended the following three policies, which staff are now seeking feedback on:

  1. Ban the sale and distribution of foam polystyrene (commonly known as Styrofoam)
  2. Require reusable foodware for in-house dining
  3. Require businesses to charge a fee on disposable foodware itemsrequire a discount for customers who bring their own reusable takeout food container.

The feedback from this survey will be integrated into the recommendations presented Truckee Town Council on July 26, 2022. Staff are also seeking input from restaurants and businesses in industry-specific surveys. The surveys will be open through July 12.

Take the survey and learn more information about the process here.