If it’s broke, fix it! Let’s extend the life of our products, and keep them out of the landfills! Bring your broken electronics, furniture, clothing, outdoor gear, and more. “Fixit Coaches” from the Truckee Roundhouse will be on hand to assist you through the repair process. PLUS, volunteers from the Patagonia Repair Team in Reno will be in attendance to repair your outdoor gear from any brand.

At past Fixit Clinics, we’ve repaired items from toaster ovens, wooden chairs, to lamps, puffy jackets and denim. Bring in what you got, our “Fixit Coaches” are up for the challenge! Our experience is that fixing many broken items is possible, even easy. But even if the item isn’t fixed, there’s a valuable educational aspect to understanding why it stopped working. Repair is a sustainable act that encourages reusing resources at hand rather than purchasing new.

All tools provided, and all ages welcome!

Truckee Roundhouse – located near Tahoe Food Hub at the Truckee Airport
12116 Chandelle Way Suite E3, Truckee, CA

Open house from 4 – 7 PM
Don’t miss out on the raffle to win a Truckee Roundhouse punch card!

About Fixit Clinic: Fixit Clinic conveys basic disassembly, troubleshooting, and repair skills using peoples’ own broken things as the vehicle. By sharing these skills while transferring them to others we teach critical thinking through the lens of our relationship to consumption and sustainability. We strive to demystify science and technology so that we can ultimately make better policy choices as a society.

Questions? Contact Melanie at (530) 582-2496