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Number of affordable housing units

This information tracks the number of affordable housing units within Town boundaries.

The Town of Truckee is laser-focused on creating more affordable housing units for our area’s residents and workforce. Projects currently under construction include Frishman Hollow II, the Artist Lofts, and Coldstream Commons, which will collectively add 193 new income-restricted affordable housing units to Truckee’s inventory by late 2021.

This information tracks the number of affordable housing units within Town boundaries. Affordable housing units are defined as affordable (for sale or rent) to extremely low, very low, low, or moderate-income households

The Federal and State housing agencies set affordability standards based on the area median income (AMI) of a City, Town or County, as follows:

  • Extremely low income: 0-30% of AMI
  • Very low income: 30%- 50% of AMI
  • Low income: 50% to 80% of AMI
  • Moderate income: 80% to 120% of AMI

The Town of Truckee uses the annually adjusted AMI levels for Nevada County.

Availability of affordable housing units within Town boundaries ensures that an adequate supply of housing exists near places of work. Providing affordable housing within Truckee ensures that local workers have an opportunity to live here, reducing vehicle mileage and greenhouse gas emissions from out-of-area commuting.

This information is tracked utilizing the “Town of Truckee’s 2019-2027 Housing Element Housing Inventory by Unit Type” and data from annual building permits.

Area Median Income calculations are provided by California Department of Housing and Community Development.

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