Recycle Curbside

Please only place accepted items in your recycling cart or blue bags. Note that a recycling symbol doesn’t necessarily mean an item can be recycled. In Truckee, we can recycle paper, plastics #1 & #2, glass bottles, and metal cans.

All items must be clean & empty. Food and liquid contaminate the rest of the recycling. If you’re not sure if something is recyclable, it’s best to put it in the trash. Otherwise it will contaminate the rest of the recycling load.

Our mission is to reduce waste generated in Truckee. Remember that recycling should only be used as the last resort. Avoid, reduce, and reuse come first. If something isn’t reusable or recyclable, don’t buy it!

Learn more: download a recycling sign or learn about curbside residential or commercial recycling services.

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