graphic showing what goes in your food waste container

The compost materials you drop off will be utilized at regional compost facilities. Keeping food scraps out of your garbage helps prevent potent greenhouse gases from being released when food breaks down in the landfill.

Download a compost guide.

What Can Be Composted?

Food scraps ONLY!

  • Fruits/veggies
  • Flowers
  • Eggshells
  • Meat
  • Bones
  • Avocado pits
  • Coffee grounds—no filters

Keep Out of Our Compost:

  • Bags
  • Paper products
  • “Compostable” plastics
  • Cardboard
  • Pet feces/kitty litter
  • Plastic or compostable cutlery, bags or containers
  • Tea bags/coffee filters
  • Tissues/paper towels
  • Shredded newspaper

Drop-off Locations:

  • Truckee Town Hall
    Drop-off anytime | Year-round
    10183 Truckee Airport Rd
    Carts are located in the rear parking lot, near the cardboard dumpster. Please be sure to shut the locking lid to keep wildlife out.

Watch this how-to video to help keep our wildlife safe & compost clean!

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