You might wonder what IT and sustainability have in common. The Town’s commitment to sustainability includes each department, including Information Technology.

Like all organizations, the Town replaces many devices before they reach their full lifespan due to the criticality of our systems and need to keep pace with modern IT and software demands, resulting in a lot of electronic waste. Instead of sending these items to be disposed of, the IT division has developed a structured donation program for our retired-but-usable devices. 

Devices that have reached their full enterprise lifespan are often still usable for lower demand, personal use, and are donated to local community members and organizations. Devices receive Department of Defense level destruction of sensitive data and a thorough inspection for proper functioning, providing recipients with a fresh device.

This initiative has resulted in diverting a considerable number of electronic devices from landfill. Through this program, the Town has donated 34 desktop computers, and 19 computer monitors locally. We don’t only donate traditional workstations— 8 Microsoft Surface tablets have been provided to various local organizations and community members. Plus, the Truckee Roundhouse received a significant enhancement to their internet infrastructure from a donation of multiple wireless networking devices, showing that we mean it when we try to find a good home for everything! In that same vein, thanks to a donation of tablets, the KidZone Museum has begun digitizing their paper check-in system. Carla Boscacci was excited about their new system stating, “At KidZone Museum, our new computer at the front desk is a game-changer. We’re bidding farewell to outdated processes, revolutionizing our check-in system, and enhancing waiver collection. This tech marvel not only keeps us up to date but also seamlessly integrates with our internal systems, ensuring efficiency at every click. It’s not just a computer; it’s our ticket to a streamlined and forward-looking KidZone experience!”  

Cross-departmental collaboration amongst Town staff, including Keep Truckee Green, Legal, and Diversity Equity & Inclusion have been instrumental in making this program a reality. This goes to show that every department within the Town has a hand in implementing sustainable practices.        

If you are a community-based organization in Truckee interested in receiving donated equipment, you can contact Erica Mertens at for notifications of available equipment. The Town is proud of this new initiative reducing e-waste while simultaneously supporting community organizations.