Dumpster Rental

Two green dumpsters placed on a driveway

For a reduced rate, you can arrange for a one-week rental of a six-yard dumpster. Maximum of two units per household. Reserve your dumpster(s) well in advance by calling TTSD to (530) 583-7800 to ensure your rental before it’s completely booked for the season between May and October only. View the residential 6 cubic yard dumpster rate.

TTSD will deliver the dumpster(s) to your property on Wednesday and retrieve it the following Wednesday.

Please be sure to fill the dumpster(s) with loose material only. No bagging of yard waste is permitted.


Funds from Measure T will reimburse you up to $75 towards the cost of a 6 yard green waste dumpster rental so you can remove vegetation and create defensible space around your home. Simply provide a paid receipt from the Eastern Regional Landfill and Truckee Fire will reimburse you up to $75 – WHILE FUNDS LAST! See details at: https://www.truckeefire.org/defensible-space-rebate-program

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