All residents have the option to utilize both options below for curbside collection of mixed, clean recyclables: (View the guide to what is recyclable in Truckee.)

1. Sign-up to receive free recycling carts, phasing into Truckee neighborhoods October 2018-2020.

  • Carts will be serviced curbside, every-other-week, on the opposite week of yard waste pick-up.
  • Single-family residents can receive (1) 64-gallon recycle cart for free, with additional carts available for a fee.

2. Use blue bags, purchased at local stores.

  • Bags must be secured, (preferably with duct tape or zip ties,) and placed on the curb, in your bear box, or in your dumpster for collection.
  • Blue bags are collected for free in unlimited quantities.
  • Certified Truckee blue bags can be purchased at: Tahoe Supply Company, Mountain Hardware, Tahoe Donner HOA Member Services, The Office Boss (Safeway and Airport locations)