All residents have the option to utilize both options below for curbside collection of mixed, clean recyclables: (View the guide to what is recyclable in Truckee.)

1. Sign-up to receive a recycling cart by calling TTSD at (530) 583-7800. Note a delivery fee will be applied. 

  • Carts are serviced curbside, every-other-week, on the opposite week of yard waste pick-up.
  • Single-family residents can receive (1) 64-gallon recycle cart for free, with additional carts available for a fee.
  • View the residential recycling cart page. 

2. Use blue bags, purchased at local stores.

  • Bags must be secured, (preferably with duct tape or zip ties,) and placed NEXT TO your trash can on the curb, in your bear box, or in your dumpster for collection. Learn about proper placement of trash and recycling.
  • Blue bags are collected for free in unlimited quantities.
  • Blue bags containing non-recyclables may be charged for.
  • Certified Truckee blue bags can be purchased at: Tahoe Supply Company, Mountain Hardware, Tahoe Donner HOA Member Services, The Office Boss (Safeway and Airport locations)