Did you know that weatherizing your home can help reduce energy bills by up to 30%?  

The Town of Truckee, in partnership with the Truckee Donner Public Utility District (TDPUD), is excited to announce the launch of expanded home weatherization rebates. This partnership expands eligibility for the TDPUD’s existing rebates, which were previously limited to customers with electricity as their primary heat source. Now all TDPUD customers, regardless of home heating source, are eligible.  

In alignment with the Town Council’s goals to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to support community resilience and disaster preparedness, this program seeks to encourage residents to perform building envelope improvements that will both increase energy efficiency and reduce exposure to wildfire smoke. 

Weatherization refers to the implementation of measures that improve the building envelope. This includes sealing cracks around windows, doors and fireplaces and other spaces where air can find a pathway from outside to inside. Measures like weather stripping, caulking, and properly sealing ductwork can help accomplish this. Most homes in Truckee are not properly weatherized, especially those built prior to the 1980s. 

The TDPUD available rebates are listed below. Insulation does not currently qualify for a rebate.  

Measure Name Rebate Amount 
Building Envelope Air Leak Test  $75  
Central System Duct Leakage Test $75  
Building Envelope Air Leakage Mitigation  50% up to $250  
Central Air Distribution System Duct Mitigation  50% up to $250  
Efficient Windows  $2 per sq. ft.   
Air purifier   $50 for 150 CADR + 

What are the benefits? 

Reduce Energy Bills: Weatherizing makes buildings more effective at retaining heat, meaning home heating systems don’t have to work as hard and new heating systems can be properly sized for maximum efficiency. This can translate to energy savings up to 30 percent. Weatherizing is an important first step to most home retrofit projects, as it ensures that the building is at its maximum efficiency so that implementation of other measures, like the installation of a heat pump, have the greatest impact. 

 Keep Wildfire Smoke Out: A tighter building envelope will keep wildfire smoke out, thereby preserving indoor air quality and making homes safer during wildfire season (particularly when paired with an air purifier). Wildfire smoke is detrimental to cardiovascular and respiratory health, and the long-term health effects have not yet been studied. 

Reduce GHGs: According to Truckee’s 2016 GHG inventory, emissions from building energy use comprise 59 percent of Truckee’s total community emissions. This makes buildings the largest emissions category, and the area with the greatest impact potential. Weatherizing existing buildings is a critical step toward decarbonization.  

TDPUD customers can apply for rebates online at tdpud.org/rebate. To be eligible for the building envelope or duct mitigation rebates, customers must complete a pre and post mitigation test. These can be conducted by a HERs rater or BPI specialist.  

Southwest Gas customers may qualify for free weatherization improvements through participation in programs such as Medi-Cal, or through an income qualification. Visit Southwest Gas: Energy Savings Assistance Program (ESA) (swgas.com) to see if you qualify.  

Those interested in learning more are encouraged to visit keeptruckeegreen.org/weatherize-your-home for additional information and resources. Contact ssherburne@townoftruckee.com with questions.